The story behind Carioka

Protect nature next to your door. Carioka has been created in reaction to dozens of terrifying findings.

Did you know that:

  • For the year 2019 only, cars in Belgium emitted 17 million tonnes of Co2 into the atmosphere and damaged the daily habitat of the 55,000 species that our country has today
  • Since 2000 the forest area in Belgium has decreased by 10%, because of diseases killing our forests like the Scolyte (among others)
  • Belgium should have more than double the current forest area, namely 700 additional hectares in order to be able to protect biodiversity to a minimum and absorb the equivalent of the annual Co2 emissions due to our activity
  • Over 50% of breeding bird populations, 27.4% of mammals, 57.1% of reptiles, 36.6% of fishes, 35.7% of dragonflies, 31.9% of plants are threatened with extinction

After reading this, can you still live in peace? We could not, and we decided to create Carioka with the ambition to communicate about those environmental realities, and offer to all Belgian citizens a certified way to fight against it. Because together we are stronger!

Our Vision

“Why investing abroad when our own country is missing support? With Carioka you can protect nature next to your door“

75% of the nature investments done by Belgian companies and individuals are intended for projects located outside of Europe. Why is our help going abroad while our own nature is critically missing support to be able to face many problems like the “scolyte” epidemia which is currently killing thousand and thousand of trees around Belgium?

Carioka has been created in order to change the trends and offer to companies and individuals a quick and affordable way to have a positive influence on our Belgian nature. You will find many certified projects led by 100% Belgian environmental actors and their hundred of volunteers which are fighting everyday to save our local biodiversity. 

Carioka: invest a small budget, make a huge impact.

Our Goals by the end of 2025

  • Plant 200.000+ trees in Belgium with our certified partners
  • Support 200+ nature projects around Belgium
  • Create 100+ new jobs in Belgium
  • Educate 10.000+ employees about environmental topics
  • Engage 300+ companies and 15.000 individuals in nature initiatives in Belgium
  • Organize 1500+ team buildings around nature 
  • Organize 100+ events for individuals in Belgium
  • Raise more than 2 million euros for our Belgian environmental partners
  • Share 1000+ tips & tricks to reduce our carbon footprint
  • Installe 10+ electrical bikes stations in Brussels. 
  • And many others coming soon 

Our super-heroes

Anne Denys
Aline Madoe
Christophe Robyns
Jonathan Vivier

Our team

Arthur owns an engineer degree and many years into the entrepreneurial world with the only objective to create something that brings a positive impact for the planet. Carioka is the reflection of many years of hard work about “how to offer to belgian people a quick and certified way to have a positive impact on our nature“. Small effort, Huge impact, Enjoy Carioka ?

With a business degree and many years experience in digital innovation projects, Simon is driven by a future world of “possibles”. Simon is convinced we can make a bigger change if we combine our individual efforts into common action.

Our Co2 advisor, FactorX

We want to work in a serious, credible and careful way on environmental contribution. We asked FactorX to support us in defining the best possible commercial offers and challenge our projects.

FactorX helps companies to pursue a sustainable path and has strong expertise in key environmental sectors for the future: Greenhouse gases, Water, Ecosystem services.

Our Commitments

  • Every single euro invested in Carioka will be spent in Belgium. 
  • Carioka only collaborates with certified belgian partners. 
  • Thanks to his committee of experts, Carioka will audit every project based on its charter of values. 
  • Carioka will respect Belgian regulations and working conditions
  • A priority can be given to urgent and serious projects (i.e Scolyte)

Our Values

Transparency | Quality | Respect | Proximity | Fun

Our incredible nature partners