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How do you estimate the level of Co2?

Carioka car fleet Co2 emissions calculation method is based on the following data:

  • For personal contributions: motor type + averaged-out Co2 consumption + communicated distance driven per year.
  • For business contributions: for each car of the fleet we rely on data provided by the fleet manager (motor type + detailed car model + estimated distance driven per car on a yearly basis)
  • We estimate the car Co2 exhaust emission according to car manufacturer’s datasheet, based on new WLTP standard (NEDC method being outdated).
  • n.b. we don’t take into account the full vehicle lifecycle (i.e. car production, transportation to Belgium, fuel production, vehicle end of life)
  • n.b. the average distance per year for a car in Belgium is 20.000km (source SPF mobilité)

Where does my money go?

Carioka will invest the contribution budget through its certified Belgian partners and their local actions (e.g. reforestation projects, forests maintenance activities, protection of biodiversity programmes). If a strict Co2-equivalent calculation is not officially possible in Europe, our partners will provide for each contribution budget an annual activity report as well as a plantation certificate. We will update our projects page regularly with data and implementation reports.

How can I change my subscription?

At any given time you can cancel your subscription via your account page. It is also possible to add new subscriptions if you have several cars in your household.

How does Carioka make a living?

75% of our income go directly to environmental projects in Belgium. The other 25% are used to the development and functioning of Carioka activities, in order to ensure the best possible service to our customers. At the end of the year, Carioka invests all remaining budget into new projects and funding of additional environmental projects. As part of our transparency commitment, Carioka will publish all figures on this website on a yearly basis.

How do you process payments?

We rely on Stripe to process subscription payments. Stripe is a reliable and efficient service to provide the best possible user experience. We contribute in Stripe’s Climate programme to ensure Co2 neutrality of our payment processing system.

More specific questions or enquiries ?

Contact us via the online form

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