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  • Organization created in 2003 and born from the merger of two associations, Aves and Réserves Naturelles RNOB. Natagora is made up of professionals (naturalists, ornithologists…), a General Assembly and a Board of Directors but also of volunteers and partners.
  • Actions mainly implemented in Wallonia and Brussels with the support of the Walloon region which is one of its partners.
  • Natagora aims to preserve biodiversity while enlarging natural and protected reserves, protect animal and plant species altered by man and urbanization, and conduct awareness campaigns.
  • The 4 guiding actions of Natagora: protect, study, get involved and educate.
  • Natagora key facts: 5.200 ha of natural fields in Wallonia & Brussels | 1.200 volunteers | 25.000 affiliated members | 106.000 Facebook fans


  • Natuurpunt is an independent volunteer association with more than 110.000 members and has more than 125 local and regional working groups. It has 14 centres that can be visited near its nature reserves. It owns and runs about 20 SPAs (Special Protection Areas) in Flanders and has about 500 reserve projects with a surface of 22.500 ha.
  • Natuurpunt dedicates itself to nature conservation and raising awareness, specifically in Flanders.
  • 60% of its budget is dedicated to the management of nature reserves and 30% to communication with members and volunteers.
  • A large part of the territory acquired by Natuurpunt is classified as a Site of Common Interest (SCI) under the European Habitat Directive.
  • Natuurpunt key facts: 22.500 ha of natural fields in Flanders | 6.000 volunteers | 100.000 affiliated members | 75.000 Facebook fans


  • The SRFB-KBBM was created in 1893 with the aim of protecting and optimising Belgian forests by providing them with sustainable support. This society is composed of different members such as members of forest administrations, scientists, professors, forest owners, naturalists, numerous volunteers and players in the timber industry.
  • The SFRB offers several services: information through its website, training days, PEFC forest certification and forest insurance. It also offers the possibility of planting trees with the help of forestry professionals.
  • Research projects require the involvement of many specialists and regular monitoring.
  • SRFB key facts: 342 ha of reforested lands across Belgium | More than 300.000 trees sustained | 3.800 Facebook fans

Urban Forests

  • By using the Miyawaki method, Urban Forests provides a natural solution to improve the living or working environment. Thanks to their know-how, they create an urban forest in only 3 years, even on small surfaces. A forest ecosystem is being created before your eyes and brings many benefits.

Plant C

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